William Simpson

William Simpson is a filmmaker and visual artist whose work appears on the stage, screen and in exhibition. He is also founder and creative director of Omni Studio.

He is currently re-working The Kite Runner after two successful national tours for a West End run; Creating the Fragmented Light Orchestra [FLO], a multi-disciplinary sculptural installation based on the 3,500 year old design of the Harp that transforms its environment and surrounding buildings into an awe-inspiring interactive light and sound instrument and designing video for Darkness Darkness at Nottingham Playhouse.

Recent video design, projection credits and work has appeared in shows such as Rocky Das Musical (Stuttgart, Stage Entertainment), Derren Brown, Miracle (National tour), Theatre of Illumination (Light Night Leeds), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Compositing and aerial filming) (West Yorkshire Playhouse), Rapunzel Rock ‘n Roll Panto(Liverpool Everyman), Freefall (Unit 23), Kes (Cast, Doncaster), Guantanamo Boy (Brolly/Half Moon Theatre); Richard III and Charlie Peace (Nottingham Playhouse); Up and Down (GaGa Theatre); Treasure Island (Mind the Gap); The Noise (Unlimited Theatre); Kes (Derby Theatre); the European stage premiere of The Kite Runner (Nottingham Playhouse); Diary of a Football Nobody (Nottingham Playhouse); the award winning adaptation of Of Mice and Men by Mike Kenny (Mind the Gap); Clockwork (National Theatre); Ragtime (LAOS); Mapping the City (Slunglow);The Mamba (West Yorkshire Playhouse) and Piano Circus – Trilogies (Kings Place).

His directing and film work includes the award winning Soldiering On (Xenoki / Channel 4); Jump the Fire – Melt Yourself Down (Leaf Records); Anish Kapoor Flashback (Arts Council Collection); Born Survivor (BBC3); Its Not Over Yet – Middleman (Universal Records); Talking Transformations (World Wildlife Foundation); Instructions for Films (Zoo Art Fair) and Lear Settings (Hull Sinfonietta).

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