Omni Studio is a UK based art and design practice formed in 2012 by filmmaker, William Simpson. Specialising in Video Design for the stage with a background in film production, the studio’s work ranges from artist films, festival installations, wall-based artworks to spectacular large-scale projection mapping projects and light works.

The studios own work often explores perception and tension between the real and synthesized worlds. Through the use of light, sound, pattern, sequencing and technology we attempt to create inspiring and involved work that moves beyond the confines of it’s physicality.

In 2013 our work featured in the European stage premiere of the international best seller, The Kite Runner, which received critical acclaim through it’s national tours and is currently being re-stage in the West End. In 2014, the studio was commissioned to create the first of it’s large scale projection projects, Theatre of Illumination, for Light Night Leeds, to an audience of over 30,000.

Highlights for 2015 saw our projection and design work in shows such as Derren Brown – Miracle, Rocky Das Musical for Stage Entertainment in Germany, the national tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the creation of The MegaPhone Box for Hull Freedom Festival and a studio profile in the international publication Bright 2 by Frame.

2016 will see the re-working The Kite Runner into the West End; Creating the Fragmented Light Orchestra [FLO], a multi-disciplinary sculptural installation based on the 3,500 year old design of the Harp that transforms its environment and surrounding buildings into an awe-inspiring interactive light and sound instrument, video design for Darkness Darkness at Nottingham Playhouse and new installation work, The Secret Life of Trees on show at Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival 2016.