The Secret Life of Trees

A site specific multichannel sound and light installation

Omni Studio presents The Secret Life of Trees by visual artist William Simpson and sound artist Toby Wiltshire. Commissioned by Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival 2016, it is a light and sound installation based on the recent hypothesis by the German forest ranger turned writer, Peter Wohlleben, that trees and forests display strong evidence of possessing their own social network.

Contemporary society tends to view trees either as ‘organic robots’ designed to produce oxygen and wood or as objects possessing a functional aesthetic value providing our ‘green spaces’ and a ‘nice place to walk the dog’ but rarely considers what goes on unseen or unheard within networks of trees.

Simpson and Wiltshire take these recent revelations and propel them into an imagined future, rendering the findings observable and audible via a dazzling spectacle of light and sound throughout the woodland. This work creates a ‘wood-wide web’ within the forest where festival-goers can wander in and out, relax, investigate and experience the musical and visual conversations between trees.